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What A Find! World-Class Golf Course in Newfoundland & Ryder Cup Day One

September 28, 2012

I along with Randy Dodson (Publisher of Fairway Magazine in Utah) played one of the finest golf courses I’ve ever played, namely Humber Valley Resort in Newfoundland, Canada.

I write this multi-tasking as I’m watching the first day of the 2012 Ryder Cup.Humber Valley Resort is an 18-hole world-class championship golf course. If it were located the the United States, there is no doubt in my mind it would qualify to host one of America’s major championships, that’s how good it is.

Tour pros would play it from the tips 7,199 yards. Resort players play from shorter tees, such at the whites 6,441 yards or senior tees 5,484 yards.

What makes Humber Valley so special? Massive fairways in a hillside setting overlooking a beautiful, wide river

—news flash, afternoon play, Day 1 Ryder Cup: Tiger Woods just knocked in a long putt on #16 at Medina to go one down with two to go —he and Steve Stricker are trying to come back from being three down for several holes.

Back to Humber Valley and why it is so special. The setting is absolutely beautiful. Hundreds of thousands of pine trees dot the hillsides and fairways. Moose and fox can be found on the course. Didn’t see a moose today but saw two beautiful silver foxes —one prancing across the fairway, another rambling among the brush and trees.

—News flash—Stricker just hit his tee shot into the water on #17. Let’s see if Tiger Woods can show his stuff and knock it stiff to the pin with his tee shot. And he does! His shot is a dart and lands about four feet from the flag for almost a sure birdie. Now, let’s see what the Euros are made of. Colsaerts is on the tee. His tee shot makes the green but lands a good 30 to 35 feet from the flag.

Westwood flies a dart 6 to 7 feet from the flag. The question is: can he make his putt because Wood’s putt is almost a “gimme.” Westwood doesn’t even have to putt. Colsaerts knocks in his long putt continuing one of the most phenomenal rounds in Ryder Cup history. Woods, under pressure, knocks in his putt and the match goes to the 18th hole. The Euros have a 1/2 pt sewed up; they could get a full point if they halve or win the hole.

I can wholeheartedly recommend that if you are ever given the chance, play the Humber Valley Resort golf course. It will add to your life-long memories of wonderful golf on an incredibly beautiful and challenging golf course.

Meantime, hole #18 Westwood is over the ball ready to hit his approach shot to the green. His iron shot flies short and left of the green almost. Sticker is over the ball ready to his his approach shot. Johnny Miller might call it a choke if he was writing this blog —Sticker yanks his easy iron shot left of the green a few yards past pin high. Now, Woods is over the ball ready to hit his iron approach shot. Woods’ ball lands about 15 feet or so from the flag. The Americans have a chance to halve the match if Woods can knock in his putt and the Euros can’t find a way to somehow scrape up a birdie.

Colsaerts has a long (approximate 40-footer) to win the match with a birdie. His is a good putt settling a foot or so away from the hole and the Americans concede the short putt. Now, it’s up to Woods to knock in his putt for the Americans to take a 3 point lead into Day 2.

Woods is over the ball. As you know, Tiger today is not the Tiger of years ago when every putt he touched went in particularly under pressure. Woods’ putt rims the left edge of the hole and the Euros win the match. End of Day 1: U.S. 5, Europe 3.

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