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Tiger Chews and Michael Moore Walks

October 1, 2012

TIGER CHEWS— Tiger Woods got chewed up in the 2012 Ryder Cup yesterday in Chicago and a week earlier David Villalobos got chewed up by a tiger in the Bronx Zoo in New York. Villalobos wanted to be “one with the tiger” and intentionally jumped in the tiger’s den. He was almost “one with the tiger”…if being in a tiger’s stomach qualifies! The tiger must have known David was one of the good guys. The Siberian tiger, an 11-yr-old male named Bashuta, only mauled Villalobos rather than eat him for dinner.

MICHAEL MOORE— The famous film documentary maker is becoming mainstream. No, the word isn’t out yet that he’s taking up golf. But he has taken up walking. Rolling Stone magazine in a recent interview with Moore reveals the unthinkable—the overweight icon has actually started to exercise by walking.

Moore, in the interview, says he read in the New York Times that more people take antidepressants than go to the movies. So, he tweeted the information for others to absorb, arguments broke out supporting and not supporting antidepressants, and a tweet came back from someone saying, “I’ve found all I need is a brisk walk.” Moore took the fellow’s advice and ever since he is walking regularly. Moore has started a ‘walking group,’ so to speak, and concludes: “I deplore exercise. Diets are a scam. I don’t believe any of this stuff. I just started doing it [walking] because it was weird thing to do, and then it became a collective thing to do with thousands of people around the world.”

Not a bad metamorphosis for the left-of-center film maker. All of us that golf can do the same—walk to stay healthy. Walking is considered one of the most constructive forms of exercise you can participate in.

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