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Pay By the Hour—Interesting Thought or Wacko

October 3, 2012

I find this idea very intriguing—instead of paying a flat-priced green fee, pay by the hour. This is what R.C. Goyal suggests in a recent GolfNews Magazine Letter to the Editor.

Excerpts from his letter are:

• Many golfers think that after paying their green fees they have the right to take as long as they wish and have no obligation to let faster players through.

• So, here is an idea. Do not charge green fees by 18 or 9-hole rounds. Instead. charge by the time. Let us say $15 per hour and stamp the tee time on the ticket. It allows the incentive to play faster…the greed to save money sets in. Also, it allows many golfers who just want to play for a certain amount of time, to make their [other] commitments on time.

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