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Do You Have A Right to be Fat Without Government Interference?

October 6, 2012

You’re at the turn at your favorite golf course or country club, you order two 16-ounce Cokes or Pepsis, and the order taker says, “Sorry, you know the law. One drink per person.”

Ridiculous you say? New York, a few weeks ago, passed its now famous ban on large amounts of sugary drinks, changing “soft” drinks into “hard to get” drinks in the Big Apple. The law, putting a 16-oz size limit on cups and bottles of non-diet soda, sweet teas and other calorie-packed beverages, goes into effect March 2013 and applies to fast-food joints, movie houses and most other places selling prepared food, but does not apply to supermarkets and most convenience stores. This gives the law plenty of time to be debated and, no doubt, legally challenged.

The motive behind the new law is noble: fight the obesity epidemic in America. The criticism of the law is obvious: how dare the government tell me how much or how little non-alcoholic drink I can put in my body. It’s my body; my choice; totalitarian government stay out!

Should Americans have the right to be fat if they want to?

Should people be allowed to eat what they want to, regardless if what they choose to eat is unhealthy?


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