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Frank Sinatra Lost His “Drive” to Play Golf

October 8, 2012

You can bet when I interviewed Frank Sinatra (I’m in the background with the tape recorder in my younger years), his persimmon driver was state-of-the-art; obviously he could afford the best. However, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from those that look at the photo and say, “Look at that driver”  as though it is a legendary relic.

I asked Sinatra once why he quit golf at a relatively young age (somewhere in his 40s I believe). He said, “I’m a perfectionist. When I got to the point where I couldn’t play golf at a level that I felt I should be playing at, I quit.”

Maybe if Frank had a one of our modern drivers, he would have stuck with the game longer. And that goes for putters and irons, too. He was known to be a decent golfer with a handicap in the low two-digits.
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