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Live to Play Golf or Play Golf to Live? The Importance of Magnesium

October 11, 2012

Live to play golf and play golf to live apply to all of us that love the game of golf. However, both can be affected by the status of our environment and the food we eat.

The mineral magnesium is an essential nutrient that sustains every cell of the body…The more it is studied, the more important the mineral proves to be for general health. New research stresses the value of magnesium in averting heart disease and stroke and calls outright for clinical trials of the mineral in preventing cardiovascular disease and curbing the rise in metabolic disorders such as diabetes.” — Hara Estroff Marano in the article “The Vanishing Mineral,” Psychology Today, May/June 2012

The article goes on to list some of the best food sources of magnesium including whole grains, nuts and green leafy vegetables. Specific foods with high magnesium content include: halibut, black beans, cashew nuts, almonds and many more.

Here’s the rub: if you think eating vegetables is going to guarantee you the necessary intake of magnesium, you’re going to have to think again.

Says Marano, “A number of studies suggest that the magnesium content of foods, especially vegetables, is falling and has been doing so for decades. Experts point to mineral depletion of soil by pesticide us; fertilizer magnifies the effect.”

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