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October 11, 2012

What keeps us going in life? Not the symmetrical but the asymmetrical. Surely, reaching perfect symmetry (nirvana, synthesis, perfect balance, possibly death) is a noble goal (other than death unless you are convinced it belongs with synthesis, nirvana, perfect balance), but how many of us really want to get there or have the capacity to get there while still alive on earth?

Asymmetry and imbalance forces us to make decisions, create, respond, be proactive— to be blunt forces you and me to not sit on our ass. Asymmetry and imbalance urges us on in life. For some, it is the never-ending search for nirvana, balance, happiness.

Conceivably, the permanent state of perfect harmony could get boring.

So, that’s why when I read this quote in SEVE: RYDER CUP HERO, I immediately thought of the power of “chaos,” because if you’ve ever been to the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland or experienced it in some sensual way, you might agree the course is chaotic. Here’s the quote:

“Fuzzy Zoeller was unimpressed [with the Old Course at St. Andrews]… ‘A guy could get lost out there’ he said. ‘I stood on the second tee and started hunting for some sign of the course.’

“The sages nodded wisely. They had heard it all before. Each and every one of them had experienced the same sense of disappointment when they had first laid eyes on the Old Course, the conviction that whoever built it— whether God or man— had played a cruel joke upon golfers worldwide. The slow dawning of respect had come later, along with the thrill of discovering each of her many faces.”

So, from playing St. Andrews, prodding through the chaos, what happens?

“St. Andrews is the course where you look down the register of champions and every one of them is a brilliant champion,” enthuses Ben Crenshaw.”

Translation for life: Often great success is the result of mastering chaos. Chaos comes in many forms and degrees. In today’s world of massive stimulation, constant bombardment to the brain and nerves, it is more important than ever to master that which sets us off balance knowing every instant is an invitation for some form of chaos to invade our being.

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