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One Good Thing About San Francisco Giants’ Lopsided Win Over St. Louis

October 23, 2012

St. Louis fans aren’t going to appreciate my comments but the lopsided victory by San Francisco could have been reversed to make the same point I’m trying to make.

The 7th game of the NLCS last night got out of hand quickly. In the third inning, the score was already 6-0 and in the fourth inning it was 7-0. The game being lopsided so early gave this great benefit—I could switch channels and watch another performance—the third and final 2012 Presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney.

The victory of the ball game was very clear. In the pouring rain when the last out was made by St. Louis, San Francisco prevailed 9-0 and the Giants are going to the World Series to face Detroit.

In regards to the debate, the outcome wasn’t as clear. The world of sports offers clearcut measurement on who wins and who loses, aka the score. Pre-election verbiage and debate between competing candidates result in subjective opinion on who won or who lost. It’s only at election time that objective measurement takes over. In a democracy it’s called “the vote.”

In two weeks our votes will be counted and we’ll find out who wins the hotly contested “World Series of Politics.” Hopefully, the voting will be based on the skill and experience of the “player,” weighing his hits and his errors with the most competent “team” winning.

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