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Golfers Die on the Golf Course But Did You Know What Happens When A Person Dies in a Home For Sale?

October 25, 2012

Tragically, there are deaths on golf courses—rare ones when there is an accident and not so rare ones when someone dies of natural causes, usually from a heart attack. Thank goodness many courses have heart defibrillators on the course and in the club house and lives are being saved.

However, not to be maudlin, people also die in homes. I was having breakfast this morning with a successful real estate agent, Jane Comelli, this morning when she received an urgent call on her cell phone. I could immediately tell by her facial expression the content of the telephone call was serious. And serious it was.

The call was from a brother of one of tenants in a home Jane is managing for the owner. The tenant had died in the home and the body was found last night. This is when I got information that I never knew. Jane and I chatted about the sadness of the event and this came up in the conversation:

CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE LAW REQUIRES when a person dies in a home, the owner and representatives of the owner (i.e. real estate agent) must disclose to a buyer of the home for 3 years that a person has died in the home. If the person is famous who died, then the disclosure has no statute of limitations and the disclosure must in perpetuity  for the “life” of the property (no pun intended).


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