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A Little Boy’s Dream Comes True

November 3, 2012
When I was about 10 or 12 years old, Andy Carey was working out off season at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, very close to where I lived. I was at the park one day and this man in a traditional undergarment baseball shirt was taking batting practice. It was just he and his pitcher.
Andy came up to me, introduced himself, and said, “Would you like to shag balls for me and I will pay you?” Wow, I thought. Pay me? Why in the world would someone pay me to shag balls? So, I said “Sure.” Afterwards, as I remember, he gave me a buck and half or so (that was good money fifty-five years ago for shagging fly balls for a couple of hours). Then he said, “How would you like a signed baseball with all the New York Yankees on it? I responded, “I sure would.”
Two weeks later in the mail, I got the signed baseball from Andy with all the NY Yankees original signatures and a signed, autographed picture of Andy thanking me for helping him out. Wow, I was in heaven and to this day I appreciate what Andy did. He kept his word to that little boy. And to top it off, the ball was signed by the Yankee team that won the World Series highlighted by Don Larson’s perfect game! I’ve always wanted to thank Andy Carey for making a little boy’s dream come true. If somehow Andy you read this, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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