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MY GUARANTEE—The World Is Not Coming to An End

November 9, 2012


Well, 4 more years of Obama. And…guess what, I guarantee the world won’t fall apart. Same exact guarantee if Romney would have won.

This doesn’t mean I’m not passionate about politics. Even with widespread opportunity to be cynical and disappointed about the vast majority of politicians that run for office and an electoral system that is very broken and in dire need of revision (i.e. a limit on private funding of candidates running for office, legal and financial consequences for those candidates that lie during political campaigning) etc., I for some reason unknown to me haven’t given up. The fact is: whether Obama was re-elected or Romney elected, the end of the world would not take place the next day or the day after or any day within in the near future.

Fatalism has no place in our individual psyche if we want to live productive, happy lives. Fatalism has no place in our societal lives if we want to remain part of a country that thrives on democracy and rebels against indecency.

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