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November 10, 2012

FORE—Notable Quotes


Golf Ball Has Become Goof Ball

         “Hell, yes. I have a letter written in 1923 by Donald Ross, who said the ball was getting out of control. That’s 89 years ago.”

—89-yr-old legendary golf course builder Pete Dye, when asked: Does the golf ball go too far; should it be rolled back?”


How to Find the Character of a Person

“If you really want to find out the character of somebody, there are two ways to find out. One, sit with them in a fishing boat all day, I’m an avid fisherman. The other one is play golf with them. You’ll soon find out what kind of person they are.”

—Former Palm Desert mayor Dick Kelly.


Bozo the Clown

“Golf’s a game you’re never on top of. I can look like Lorena Ochoa on one hole, then suddenly Bozo the Clown shows up.”

Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State and current Stanford University professor.



“Competitive golf is about your heart and stomach. I don’t care if you’re a Tour pro with a textbook swing or a 15-handicap. The bottom line is unless you’re willing to trust yourself and risk everything on a a single shot, you’re never going to have the heart and stomach to win a big match.”

Peter Kostis, golf guru, de-prioritizing the golf swing.


Didn’t Make a Lot of Friends

         “I was an anomaly, a young kid competing against women who could be my mom. I didn’t make a lot of friends.”

—Hall of Famer Amy Alcott reminiscing about how she was looked upon by others in 1975 birthday after winning her first LPGA tournament at age 19.


Spitting His Whole Life

“I’ve always done it. I’ve been spitting my whole life. Off the course, walking down the course, I’m spitting. My mom would yell at me my whole life.”

PGA Tour star Keenan Bradley, who finally quit spitting on the golf course after seeing a tape of himself winning (and spitting during) the 2012 PGA Championship.


What Shots to Practice

“Practicing your short shots helps in all phases of the game. Practicing long shots only helps the long game.”


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